More than just a seed list! Allows you to easily see what's in your collection, who they are from, and what year you collected or bought them. It also allows you to track the seed's progress throughout the season, allowing you know what does well each year and what may need replacing.
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fivedice. is an addictive dice game that requires both luck and skill. Points are awarded for combinations rolled; a turn is over when points are banked or no scoring combinations are rolled.
The premise of fivedice. is similar to Farkle or dice 10000, with its own homegrown rules.

Roll Up the Rim to Win Tracker

Do you want to track your Roll Up the Rim to Win wins?!? Track your Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim To Win purchases, wins and losses. You can easily see your win history and win percentage.

Kitchen Converter

Kitchen converter lets you easily convert common cooking units. No more searching the Internet for the proper quantity conversions before you get to cooking. It even has the ability to memorize up to 40 of the conversions you use most. Includes Weight, Volume, Temperature and Size conversions.