Custom Web Development

Have you ever wished the off-the-shelf web application you found had just one more feature you wanted – in place of the 10 features that you won't use? A custom-written web application may meet your needs better. When you have software written specifically for your project, you get exactly what you want, and it behaves exactly the way you expect it to. This makes future growth simple. Features you want can be added as you need them without waiting for the next version, or without hacking the current version to make it perform that function.

If you aren't looking for a whole web application I can help you with a simple feedback widget or custom widget that integrates with your site seamlessly. You may be looking to have a current application upgraded to perform a new function, or that annoying bug patched. I can do all of these things for you. Let me know any specifics when requesting a quote.

Custom Blackberry App Development

Want a custom-developed application for your business for Blackberry? Look no further. I have experience writing applications for both Blackberry Smartphone and Tablet OS.

Web Hosting

Please visit my Web Hosting page to learn more about the hosting packages I have available. You must be getting your website developed by me in order to use this service. If you are just looking for hosting I highly recommend Media Temple for all your hosting needs.

Website Analysis

Having trouble deciding the best way to make use of your website? Not sure if it is even worth updating?
I will happily go over your website looking for ways you can improve its usefulness. These range from money saving ideas for internal use to better flow and layout.

Looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your site?
I am great at coming up with new and interesting ideas to draw potential customers to your website. Many companies under-estimate the sales potential of a good website, I am here to help you see that potential become reality.

Other Services

If there is something you are looking for that is not listed here, it means I don't consider it one of my strong suits. I will happily include services not listed in any quote I give you, but the service will be provided by one of my trusted freelance friends.